(Calibers:.22LR or .22mag or .25Auto or .32Auto)
Derringers have more than 100 years of popularity and they continue to top the charts in sales today! From the the Cowboy Action Shooter to the Harley Davidson rider, there's a Derringer to fit your personality. Cobra Derringers are beautifully handcrafted with a wide range of calibers and barrel lengths.

Models: C22, C22m, C25, C32
Calibers: .22LR or .22mag or .25Auto or .32Auto
Capacity: 2 Rounds
Sights: Fixed
Barrel Length: 2.4"
Overall Length: 4"
Weight: 9.5oz Empty
Frame Material: Alloy
Action: Single
Standard Finishes:
Satin Nickel
Black Powder Coat

Custom Finishes:
Ruby Red
Royal Blue
Majestic Pink
Imperial Purple
King Cobra Copper
Black Chrome

Derringer Parts & Accessories are available purchase online here.

Cobra Enterprises of Utah sells complete firearms to wholesalers ONLY. Firearms available through select dealers.

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