The Shadow is ultra lightweight and designed for maximum protection and quick response. It features a sold stainless steel cylinder and barrel. The fully enclosed hammer makes it streamlined and easy to conceal. Both men and women enjoy the ease and power of this beautiful 5 shot revolver.

Models: S38
Calibers: .38 Special w/+P Capability
Frame Size: Small J Frame
Capacity: 5 Rounds
Barrel Length: 1 7.8"
Overall Length: 6 3/8"
Weight: 15oz Empty
Frame Material: Aluminum
Cylinder: Stainless Steel

Custom Finishes:
Titanium Anodized
Pink Anodized
Black Anodized
Gold Anodized
Red Anodized
Blue Anodized

Black Rubber
Crimson Traceā„¢ Laser
Shadow Parts & Accessories are available purchase online here.

Cobra Enterprises of Utah sells complete firearms to wholesalers ONLY. Firearms available through select dealers.

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